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Capital District Football Officials

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Provides news, information, rules, and links for officials in the Albany, New York area. READ MORE

Broward Football Official's Association

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A Florida High School Activities Association sanctioned high school football officials association serving greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida. READ MORE

British American Football Referees' Association

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Directions, gallery, games and related information. READ MORE

Bloomington-Normal Officials Association

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The association is for the officials of Bloomington-Normal, IL and surrounding areas. READ MORE

Behind the Football Stripes

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Features officiating tips, rule changes, weekly newsletter, a message board, and resources for becoming an official in the NFL. READ MORE

Austin Chapter of the Southwest Football Officials Association

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The Austin Chapter provides football officials for youth league as well as public and private schools in the Austin area and throughout Texas. READ MORE

Atlanta Peach State Football Officials Association

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Association provides experienced High School Football Officials for the Atlanta, Georgia metro and suburban area. READ MORE

American Youth Football League Officials

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For and about the football officials who work American Youth Football League games in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. READ MORE

Alle-Kiski Football Officials

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Provides service to local high school and youth programs in the Alle-Kiski, Pennsylvania area. READ MORE

2008 NCAA Football Officiating Points of Emphasis

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2008 NCAA Football Officiating Points of Emphasis. READ MORE

College Football Officiating, LLC

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This is the public Web site for the College Football Officiating, LLC (CFO, LLC), which is a limited liability company organized in September 2007 pursuant to the Indiana Business Flexibility Act, tha READ MORE

American Sport Education Program | Officiating Football Methods

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Based on NFHS guidelines, this e-course will help you prepare to officiate football games. The course contains material suitable for officials at the high school level and covers NFHS mechanics. You'l READ MORE

NASO | How to Become an Official

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You’ve thought about becoming a football official and need a place to get started. Find out about the local officials associations in your area. An officiating association is a group of officials w READ MORE

Refs.org | Football Officiating

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Org database has over 240 links of interests for football officials -- which includes links to over 130 local football officials' chapters/associations, etc. READ MORE

Officiating.com | Football

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Officiating American Football. READ MORE

Football 101 - Football Officials and Their Duties

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Football officials... the men on the field we all love to hate and complain about. But without these keepers of the rules, a football game could not progress with any sort of structure or sanity. READ MORE
Football Officiating.
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