Manning Passing Academy
Manning Passing Academy
Nicholls State University
906 East First Street
Thibodaux, LA 70310-0001

The purpose of the MPA is to create an environment of greater understanding of, and the proficiency with, the fundamentals, techniques, skills, motivation, and sportsmanship necessary for success at the individual offensive skill positions in the sport of football. We also strive to expand the overall knowledge and strategy of offensive play and defensive coverage.

For almost four decades the Manning family and the quarterback position have been practically synonymous with one another. As such, their summer vacations always revolve the annual Manning Passing Academy… a family-owned and managed football camp that embraces the basic fundamentals of football while catering to the offensive skill positions of RB, TE, WR… and of course QB.

The MPA boasts a camper-to-coach ratio of better than 10:1.
•Quarterbacks – Stance, Exchange, Drops, Set-Up, Sprint Out, Play Action, Screens, Ball Handling, Option, Reading Defenses, and Field Leadership
•Wide Receivers – Stance, Start, Release, Route Running, Cuts, Receiving, Blocking, and Reading Defenses
•Running Backs – Stance, Start, Ball Handling, Ball Security, Pass Protection, Run Blocking, Route Running, Play Action, Screens, and Reading Defenses
•Tight Ends – Stance, Start, Release, Run Blocking, Pass Protection, Route Running, Receiving, Ball Security, and Reading Defenses
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