Scheib O’Hara Scheib (SOS) Football Camp
Scheib O’Hara Scheib (SOS) Football Camp
6215 Awl Ct.
Noblesville, IN 46062
Phone: (317) 403-2963
Phone: (317) 773-2543

What is the Scheib O’Hara Scheib (SOS) Football Camp?

The Scheib O’Hara Scheib or SOS football camp is designed to improve your ability to play the game of football. The camp has everything you need to be successful as both an athlete and as a football player. If you are serious about improving as a football player, this is a camp you need to attend.

Why should you attend the Scheib O’Hara Scheib (SOS) Football Camp?
•The SOS camp is a work camp, from the moment you step on the field you are under the best instruction possible.
•The SOS camp offers only highly qualified instructors.
•The camp offers the latest in techniques, each year the camp seeks out what the best of the best are teaching at the collegiate level, to better prepare you for both your high school experience as well as the opportunity to play at the next level .
•The camp allows you to see how you stack up against the very best in the state, since the very best are at the camp.
•The camp with its partnership with Football University allows you to be seen by the people selecting players to play in the National Army all-Star game in San Antonio.
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